1. 10/05/2012

    Language through Language: After an Evening of Persian Poetry at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

    by Gregory Leadbetter

    Our evening of Persian poetry at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham prompted poet and academic, Gregory Leadbetter, to write this insightful article about what Eliot called 'the auditory imagination' and the significance of sound in translating, reading and listening to poetry.

  2. 20/10/2008

    'Manchester Central '

    by Charles Beckett

    The Conference Room in Manchester Central Library was packed with eager listeners for this event with three of our poets and their translators. It provided a very grand setting, with panelled walls and high sash windows. By the time we kicked off it was standing room only and there must have been at least sixty people in the audience.

  3. 18/10/2008

    'Reading Room - Six Poets and Six Translators at the British Library'

    by Julia Bird

    Julia Bird, the Poetry Translation Centre's tour manager, takes stock of our gala reading at the British Library.

  4. 14/10/2008

    'Somali Night at the Bluecoat'

    by Charles Beckett

    I never realised the Moon landings had such a profound and far-reaching effect. For Corsino Fortes, driving his battered Peugeot 204 from Kuito to Luanda, the moment he heard the Americans had touched down was a revelation. He stopped the car, got out, put his hands on his head and looked up at the sky.

  5. 08/10/2008

    'Poetry in the Bay'

    by Charles Beckett

    Coach D. I'm sitting opposite two of the world's greatest living poets. Gaarriye is pinching my salt and vinegar crisps. Farzaneh Khojandi is asking, through her friend and translator, Narguess Farzad, about Welsh place names. I am not being much help.

  6. 06/10/2008

    'Importing a Passion for Poetry'

    by Sarah Maguire

    If we could read the poets that move huge audiences elsewhere in the world, would it wake up our own? On the Guardian's blog Sarah Maguire prescribes a course of translation to restore the vitality of British verse.

  7. 07/09/2008

    World Poets' Tour 2008 Kicks Off

    by Julia Bird

    Following the extraordinary success of the first World Poets’ Tour in 2005, the Poetry Translation Centre has organised its second World Poets’ Tour which begins on Sunday 7th September at the Bristol Poetry Festival.

  8. 07/09/2008

    'Finding an Audience'

    by W N Herbert

    Could there be an audience in Bristol eager to hear poetry from Somaliland and Sudan on a Sunday afternoon? W.N. Herbert is delighted to find there was. Read the blog for his account of the World Poets' Tour event at the Bristol Poetry Festival.

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