1. 04/11/2008

    'Translating Cultures through Poetry'

    by Susannah Tarbush

    Susannah Tarbush wrote this article on poetry in translation and the 2008 World Poets' Tour for The Saudi Gazette.

  2. 25/10/2005

    'Literary and Literal Giants'

    by Susannah Tarbush

    Susannah Tarbush reported on our World Poets' Tour Men's Night reading at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS, on 13th October, 2005. The article was published in The Saudi Gazette.

  3. 14/10/2005

    The World Poets Tour 2005 in Al-Sudani

    by Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi

    Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi wrote this piece about the 2005 World Poets' Tour for Al-Sudani, the leading independent newspaper in Sudan. The article is in Arabic.

  4. 12/10/2005

    'Found In Translation'

    by Richard Lea

    Richard Lea wrote this review of the World Poets' Tour Women's Night at the Brunei Gallery for the Guardian Culture Vulture blog.

  5. 08/10/2005

    PTC Poets Talk To BBC Radio 3's The Verb

    To celebrate the PTC's World Poets' Tour, three poets - Gaarriye, his poet-translator, David Harsent and Sarah Maguire, were invited onto BBC Radio 3's The Verb.

  6. 08/06/2004

    'Emotions Translated': The Poetry Translation Centre's Launch

    by Susannah Tarbush

    This article by Susannah Tarbush for The Saudi Gazette celebrates the launch of The Poetry Translation Centre on 1st June, 2004.

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