Sarah Maguire

  1. 23/05/2011

    The Adventures of 'Beauty'

    by Partaw Naderi

    The Afghan poet, Partaw Naderi, was invited to take part in the PTC's first World Poets' Tour in 2005. In this article he writes about the excitment he felt at being invited to the UK and he reveals the true inspiration behind his poem, 'Beauty'.

  2. 22/08/2010

    'The Bards of Somalia'

    by Rageh Omaar

    Rageh Omaar introduces the dynamic tradition of Somali poetry in 'The Bards of Somalia' on BBC Radio 4. The programme features interviews with translators Martin Orwin and W N Herbert and the PTC Director, Sarah Maguire as well as poetry by Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac 'Gaarriye'.

  3. 07/05/2010

    'A Poetry Fiesta' - Interview on Radio Netherlands Worldwide

    by Dany Mitzman

    Dany Mitzman reports for "Network Europe Extra" on Radio Netherlands Worldwide about the Mexican Poets' Tour.

  4. 07/05/2010

    'The Tricky Art of Translating Poetry' - Interview on Deutsche Welle

    by Dany Mitzman

    Dany Mitzman reports for international German radio station Deutsche Welle about the art of translating poetry. In her report she interviews poets David Huerta, Victor Teran and David Shook, as well as the PTC's Director Sarah Maguire.

  5. 18/10/2008

    'Reading Room - Six Poets and Six Translators at the British Library'

    by Julia Bird

    Julia Bird, the Poetry Translation Centre's tour manager, takes stock of our gala reading at the British Library.

  6. 06/10/2008

    'Importing a Passion for Poetry'

    by Sarah Maguire

    If we could read the poets that move huge audiences elsewhere in the world, would it wake up our own? On the Guardian's blog Sarah Maguire prescribes a course of translation to restore the vitality of British verse.

  7. 07/09/2008

    'Finding an Audience'

    by W N Herbert

    Could there be an audience in Bristol eager to hear poetry from Somaliland and Sudan on a Sunday afternoon? W.N. Herbert is delighted to find there was. Read the blog for his account of the World Poets' Tour event at the Bristol Poetry Festival.

  8. 25/10/2005

    'Literary and Literal Giants'

    by Susannah Tarbush

    Susannah Tarbush reported on our World Poets' Tour Men's Night reading at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS, on 13th October, 2005. The article was published in The Saudi Gazette.

  9. 08/10/2005

    PTC Poets Talk To BBC Radio 3's The Verb

    To celebrate the PTC's World Poets' Tour, three poets - Gaarriye, his poet-translator, David Harsent and Sarah Maguire, were invited onto BBC Radio 3's The Verb.

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