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Portrait of David Huerta


written by David Huerta
translated by Jamie McKendrick

Lord, save this moment.
There's nothing outlandish or


Señor, salva este momento.
Nada tiene de prodigio o milagro

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Portrait of Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi

A Body

written by Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi
translated by Sarah Maguire

The body of a bird in your mouth
breathing songs.


جُثَّةُ طائرٍ بِفَمِكْ
تَبْعَثُ الأُغْنية.

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Portrait of Caasha Lul Mohamud Yusuf


written by Caasha Lul Mohamud Yusuf
translated by Clare Pollard

Lately, I haven't attempted poems, or arresting public attention.
I've stopped articulating verses, advancing my words,


Ararta gabayga waayadaan, eeg isma lahayne
Ma aloosin maansooyinkii, aan astayn jiraye

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