Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi's 'Breathless' Welcomes in the New Year in The Guardian

Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi at The Petrie Museum (photo Crispin Hughes)

For her popular Poem of the Week column in The Guardian, poet Carol Rumens chose Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi's 'brief, beautiful love poem', 'Breathless', because 'it captures the sense of expectation with which we greet a new year'.

Carol's sensitive and thoughtful close reading of Saddiq's poem compares it to Sappho's lyrics in that 'Breathless' uses imagery from the natural world to make a 'frank emotional statement' and because the poem 'gains intensity from brevity'.

Carol refers to the upheaval Saddiq experienced in 2012 when, during his miraculously-timed visit to the UK to take part in Poetry Parnassus, he was sacked from his job as cultural editor of Al-Sudani newspaper; as a result he was forced to claim asylum and is now living in London. She ends her piece by asking her readers to 'join me in wishing Saddiq happiness and fulfilment in his new life in 2013' - which everyone at the PTC does wholeheartedly! We're really lucky to have him here and we look forward to working with such an outstanding poet - somone who's already made a significant contribution to our success - in 2013 and beyond.

We're all thrilled that Carol has selected one of Saddiq's poems for her column, which attracts thousands of readers - many of whom we hope will visit our website, read more of the poems we've translated and join our mailing list.

Published 31/12/2012

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