You Will Say Night

by Gagan Gill

You will say night
and night will be

You will say day
and day will be washed

You will say colour
and all the butterflies
of the earth will come flying

You will think love
and the horizon will open
a hidden rainbow

You will be tormented
and in another city
her skin
will burn

You will say nightand memory will fall awayYou will say dayand the earth will be empty
You will be silent
and rocks will explode
as far away as the moon

You will not look at her
and she will be caught
in the throat of the wind

You will say night
and a house
will rise
in the sand

You will say day
and this body, gnawed by old age
will be naked

The literal translation of this poem was made by Lucy Rosenstein

The final translated version of the poem is by Jane Duran


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