by Kishwar Naheed

Suspicion consumed me
As it does to this day

Lined by desire
I hid the wounds in my heart

You make it all end in tears
Values are abandoned

As if a thorn were pulled out of my heart
Tears spill from my eyes

Lights still burn but the place is deserted
Once faith was unshakeable

A head of snow at my shoulder
Once we were a tongue of flame

Loneliness is my twin
Were there ever such twins before?

The literal translation of this poem was made by Nuzhat Jabinh

The final translated version of the poem is by The Poetry Translation Workshop


A ghazal is a collection of couplets (shers or ashaar) which follow strict rules, for example: every ghazal must have a matla. A matla is the first sher of a ghazal, and both lines of the sher must end in the radeef, the word or phrase that is repeated at the end of the second line in every couplet.


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    Arshad Masood Hashmi says:

    A study of Naheed's poetry

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    Dear, it is a nice poem, i realy loved it.