October Landscape

by Hiren Bhattacharjya


The frenzy of a brutal sky
Has ended.
Green waves ripple
Through the restive fields.


White flowers of the sugarcane
Pierce the inky sky
As autumn whispers —
Every poem has its season.


With every shaft of light —
With passion —
Words awaken.

The literal translation of this poem was made by Uddipana Goswami

The final translated version of the poem is by The Poetry Translation Workshop


  1. April 22nd, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    ricardo says:

    beautiful! thanks for your website

  2. September 22nd, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Alakesh says:

    "axambhob anubaad taar"...impossible is the translation of HiruDa's poems....."Goon Goon", "Rib Rib" , "Xokhiyoti rod"...."Haatot xare Bhorit Xare".......just try to translate tose!!

  3. June 17th, 2012 at 3:35 am

    kamal says:

    thnx hiruda ,nice poem

  4. December 4th, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    snehankar says:

    many generations of our land (Assam) leaarned how to write and stylize poetry aiming to hiren bhattacharya...

    waiting for his another level of his creation where no synthetic nature is there...

  5. October 21st, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    PARAG MELENG says:

    Thanks, Hiruda....

  6. March 10th, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Meenakshi Bora Gogoi says:

    Its very good.

  7. February 13th, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Saumar Jyoti Dutta says:

    Nice! Beautiful poem!

  8. February 5th, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Satish Baishya says:

    Ever green

  9. December 4th, 2010 at 5:47 pm


    great poem

  10. November 26th, 2010 at 6:50 am

    mayur dutta says:

    nice poem

  11. September 28th, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Manashprotim dutta. says:

    hiru da rocks......u r great

  12. April 25th, 2010 at 11:06 am

    Radhika Baruah says:

    It is a nice translation. neat. but sometimes too much of cleaning up takes away the flavour of the poem

    but certain limes have changed meaning dont you think?

    "kobitaru botor ase..." for instance. there is a tone in that stanza, a sense of a revelation being made in a conspiratorial camaraderie between poet and the seasonal winds. 

     "every poem has its season" completely changes the idea that is whispered so furtively by the winds which is "poetry too has a season."

    I agree with Mr Devburman. This translation leaves us uncontented.

  13. April 21st, 2010 at 3:24 am

    Parineeta Sharma says:

    It is great

  14. January 12th, 2010 at 3:45 pm


    Hiruda's poems really frame the autumnal landscape very gorgeously.Really superb

  15. December 15th, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    manah says:

    simply great

  16. December 4th, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Mrinal Devburman says:

    The picture frames of autumn presented in haiku style neatly weaved for a slide show. But it kept us uncontented.