A Nightingale in the Cage of My Breast

In this leafy orchard is a nightingale,
a nightingale whose songs are the dawn
and take me into the light,
to the mountains of legendary Farhad,
and to the place where mad Majnun talks to the raven:
'Hello gorgeous!' And to that lucky cave,
luminous with solitude, basking in gold,
and to a paradise where Adam and Eve stare at a wheat
'Shall we taste it or not?' If I were Eve, I wouldn't taste it.
Thank goodness I'm not Eve or else mankind
would never forgive me for not sinning.
O tiny, miraculous wheat grain, O tiny apple of amazement,
O simple beginnings of myself.
There is a nightingale who sings my see through thoughts,
sings back to the beginning of memory.
There is a nightingale flying out of the cage of my breast;
it's chirping now at the edge of morning.
I am leaving; I am leaving, my friend.
You have to step into life, spread your existence,
you must hurry,
you must bring to Farhad in the story,
the good news about Shirin, his beloved,
you must enter Zoroaster's cave
and taste the light.
To taste the wheat grain of paradise - or not? O...
I am leaving, I am leaving at last:
my friend, open your heart for me.

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academia do importador


This is so beautiful. Very mfueingnal to me to see the youth of a long ago generation. My own 90 year old grandmother is in ICU tonight, dying, I believe, and with her goes the last of her generation in our family. It is amazing, isn’t it, to know that they were young and busy once, very different from the frail people at the end.I can tell from your words that you loved them. You were fortunate, and I have been too, to know these people that helped to create and shape our heritage.Thank you for sharing, and the song fits beautifully! One of my favorites.  ~ Sheila

Anushervon Odil

Even I don’t know what to say… amazing!

Dilorom Atabaeva

Amazing poem. We live with Farzona in one city. She is very kind, modest and down to earth lady. God gifted her with extraordinary talant. She is a queen of the poetry!

Dilorom Atabaeva

Amazing poem. We live with Farzona in one city. She is very kind, modest and down to earth lady. God gifted her with extraordinary talant. She is a queen of the poetry!


Very beautiful! smile <3

henna hendan

This poem is fabulous, it just made me remind some memories back, thanks to the poet.


the poem is really awesome..i can imagine the poet while she is writing the poem..this is an amazing piece of literature..smile

Matt Devereux

A superb example of the superb work done by your organisation.  Thank you.

Beau McGlasson

This poem is amazing! It’s such a great piece of literature!

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