a shadow always follows behind me

a shadow always follows behind me
with my file wrapped inside
I don't know who compiles it
and I don't know what it says
but given my shaky future I can guess
that in the file, I am an ungrammatical sentence
repeatedly corrected by a hooded man
until I fire a shot at the shadow

Translation notes

This poem is untitled in its original version. Because of the way our website is set up, we've had to add the first line as a title.

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1 Yao Feng

Thanks for your works.Here is another version  of  this poem


at the plenary meeting

three thousand right hands are raised

at the same level

like a lawn trimmed by a mower


a spring swallow

opened its scissors tail

flew past above my arm

I gave out a sad, shrill cry

Translated by Hilda Tam and Kit Kelen


 for reference:


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