Your voice is like a girl
from the farthest green village 

whose tall and graceful frame
is known to the pine trees on the mountains

Your voice is like a girl
who, at dusk,

will bathe in the clear springs of heaven
beneath the parasol of the moon

who, at dawn,
bears home a jar of pure light

who will drink sip by sip
from the river of the sun

Your voice is like a girl
from the farthest green village

who wears an anklet
forged from the songs of a brook

who wears an earring
spun from the whispering rain

who wears a necklace
woven from the silk of a waterfall

all of which grace the garden of the sun
with their many-coloured blossoms of love -

and you
are as beautiful as your voice

September, 1994


1 Sultan

This place is a mess. ANA troops, which are sopsuped to take over security are years away from being able to do the job, if they ever develop a sense of wanting to in the first place. The entire culture, which will not change in one, let alone three generations isn’t conducive to allowing what Malalai Joya wishes.Why should it be our problem? Why should the West have to pay for Afghan’s security, and if it does, what do we get in return? Will our goodwill be reciprocated?Every day I have to hit the dirt because of another rocket attack and then cool my heels in a bunker until the all clear sounds, the last thought in my mind is not about how the women here will be doomed when I leave.The best thing that could happen to the women and children here would be to evacuate them all to western nations and leave the Afghan men behind to bugger and kill each other until their numbers dwindle to the point where the women can come back and impose their newfound will.A fantasy? Indeed. So is the belief that NATO can turn this misogynistic keptocracy around in any time frame, let it be a year or one hundred. We’re wasting our time here.

2 Beyza

Vildechaye:You call on me to show how the MSM support ttsilitarianaom, and you call on me to give evidence for my post above. But I did.The G&M’s Graeme Smith wrote article after article for the G&M, when he was Afghanistan bureau chief, empathizing with the Taliban. He celebrated small-scale “victories”. In one article, he regurgitated the Taliban claim, to extend Afghanistan’s boundaries eastward to take in Paksitan’s western provinces—so that the Taliban would have contiguous control over a large area.I mentioned William Shawcross, blaming the West for the Cambodian genocide. The MSM showered him with adulation—just like the liberal MSM for a few years denied the genocide. I personally was involved with the 1960s protests against the Vietnam war. So I took an interest in the post-war Cambodian genocide. Yet media reports of the genocide were sketchy. And needless to say, no one in Western leftist circles protested the genocide.Finally, as support to my contention, look at the MSM’s antipathy against Israel. The corporate media support Hamas and Hezbollah—two faacistic organizations. Part of the anti-Israel sentiment in the MSM stems from its Western, democratic values. Look at the anti-democratic incidents of Jews on campus being shouted down. The left-fascistic methods of shouting down Jews at universities dovetails with the left’s support for fascism overseas, such as the regimes in Iran and Syria.  Finally, the Toronto-based corporate media support ttsilitarianaom in China. Prime Minister Harper was villified in the G&M for supporting human rights in China. A year or two ago Harper backed down—and the villifaction of his now China-tolerant stance has stopped.

3 Bashir Nadim

Beautiful poem

4 jamaluddin dowladyaar

i like all of his poem, junab partaw naderi is one of the first person for poem in afghanistan 

5 Kabir

nice poems i like it

6 Ma Sheng

I think it is easily discernible by native speakers of Dari and Farsi (which I am not) but I’d like to add that the title of the poem ‘Zibâî’ both means ‘Beauty’ and ‘You are beautiful’, which is marvelous, I think. It is also the last word of the poem, thus, the last word can also be translated as ‘Beauty’. Great poem, indeed, just as Farzandeh Khojandi’s and Ms. Toeti Heraty’s poems.

7 Ehsan Ulhaq Ziaiy

I really enjoyed when I read your peom so do always the same Allah bless you

8 Upal Deb

These poems do have a different taste…transcend geo-politico-cultural barriers…Not much of Afghan poetry I have read.But these by Partaw inspire me to probe poetry of Afghanistan intensely.Romantic note adds to the poem’s beauty…but this is not all.Underlying Romantic strains,Partaw’s voice probes different spaces which might allow us to know the Afghan situation better.Green reminds me of Lorca.But Partaw must be known across the world.

9 Awais

Wonderful…reminds me of ‘A thousand Splendid Suns’ by Shams Tabrizi..

11 nagapie

Wow. It’s stunning. Can’t decide if I prefer reading it or hearing it. 

12 Najib

amazing!! love it.

13 Sweeny

Amazing piece. Very well writen. Would like to see the literal translation.


14 hadi


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