Before You the Rain

Before you the ancient rain
warmth on your back, you stand and think
how few the words
a man needs in life
You think of him who sees all this, and him
whose face is the wind, and the falling of the leaves, and rain
tapping the glass


1 jose

.its so great poem

2 Roger Dale Hadden

I am an american who has been writing poetry since I was seven years old. I am also a fifty-six year  old Jewish{Orthodox} man whose sole inspiration in life here on earth is the Divine Promise that the Holy Creator has promised me by birthright and unyielding faith and service, a place of my own in the New Jerusalem. I loved every single line of this poem. I t reminds me of a poem of mine about a homeless man entitled Into The Rain. Great job with a capitol G. roger Dale Hadden. 

3 Rebecca Jenkins

According to English grammar line 5 should read "You think of him who sees all this, and him".

Thanks, we have updated our translation accordingly!

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