Your heart thumps —
as if she were already
at your door.

Or — as if expecting her —
all the birds in the midday sky
arrive to clamour at your window.


An age of patience.
A forest of fluttering.


1 Cassara

amazing! thanks for your website. this is really beautiful

2 Shariqha farha

This is really beautiful. A breathless tis happen when our heart beat stops .This all happen by God, sowe should want thank God and the poet who wrote this                                                               

3 morgan

This is really beautiful

4 Sonia

The value of poetic precision is so much more worth than a human life. Cause tell me exactly how much is a human life worth when an oriental poem which contains an invisible truth, a life key or simply a a comprehensible achievement never get its attention? Its priceless, but unintelligible. 


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