Can Someone Bring Me My Entire Being?

Can someone bring me my entire being?
My arms, my eyes, my face?

I am a river flowing into the wrong sea
If only someone could restore me to the desert

Life goes on but I want no more from it
Than my childhood, my firefly, my doll

My vision does not admit this new season
Take me back to my old dream

Of finding one face among the many in my city
Whose eyes can read deep into me

My life has been a boat in a whirlpool for so long
O god, please let it sink or drift back to the desert



really beatiful poem, I like it. the transalation is very beautiful feel like original itself.

2 Shad Gul

it is a nice traslation with easy words….... i would like to say  that English word for jugnu are glow-worm and fire-fly

3 Saif Ali Rajkumar

A most splendid poem, i felt the emotion and feelings the author felt.

4 dedy

very touching, i am almost cry..this is deep

5 Madiha

wow that so beautifulll 

heart touching ,,thanxx 4 the translation smile

6 Sharif

It is a nice poem and nice translation. One can understand the philosophy of love and life. Much more can be felt (not just understand) about the author’s feelings. I liked it very much


Sharif, Uzbekistan

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