And no more tears; this transparent woman,
who today is sealed away,
this woman who now is walled
in a niche grave
like a madwoman chained
to a cruel bedstead in an airless room
with neither boat nor boatman, among faceless strangers,
this woman who, alone, is
The One,
who held us all in the heaven
of her body.
be her womb.


And nothing nothing else; that she bore me and made me
a man with her seventh birth
her figure of fire
and of ivory
in the trials of poverty and sadness
and she knew
how to hear through the silence of my childhood the sign
the Secret
without ever
a word.
be the fruit of her womb.


Let others go instead of me
I can't go now to put
the red carnations there
the carnations of the Rojases ‚— mine and yours ‚—
on the painful thirteenth day of your martyrdom
those family members who are born at dawn
and who are reborn ‚— let them go to that wall for us for Rodrigo
for Tomás for young Gonzalo for Alonso; let them go
or not as they wish
or let them leave you in the dark
alone with the ashes
of your beauty
which are your resurrection Celia
daughter and granddaughter of Pizarros
of late Pizarros Mother;
and may you come with us
into exile dwelling as always in grace
and mutual delight.
be thy name.


1 Sky

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2 Doa

Testimlonial; My morning wourtkos designed and coached by Celia were right on target. We live across country from each other but Skype allowed me to bring her and her expertise right in my home at a time that worked for both of us. Having a personal trainer without having to go anywhere was perfect. Celia listened carefully to my fitness goals and then implemented a well designed exercise program suited just for me. Using Skype, she was able to demonstrate how each exercise was done, making sure I implemented her instructions correctly. Celia also brings a warm and compassionate element into the coach/client relationship that makes working with her delightful! I highly recommend her.

3 Naynay

very good poem it helped me on somthing if yo readin this MYOB

4 andrea demetriou

Im greatful I could read this poem, please translate more of Rojas work,

thank you


5 Leah

I loved this poem. Thank you for translating it.

6 William

a wonderful poem. RIP.

7 celia

a lovely poem, reminisent of the saint, patron saint of music. it is my name, so it is nice to identify with it

8 celia

bravo, a lovely poem,

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