Either you go
through this door
or you don't.

If you go through
there's a danger
of forgetting your name.
That's the problem.

Everything looks at you twice
Ashamed, you look away,
you let it happen.
          You can't look for a fight.

If you don't go through
perhaps you'll have a good life.

you'll defend your ideals
you'll carry on with your work
you'll die a hero in your country

but perhaps many things will pass you by
you'll be blind to many things
at what cost? I don't know.

The door itself
can't make your decision
it's just a door!


1 SepasangMawar

Thank you Myrna.  Mom was definitely not easy (but she is such great story mariteal.  (laughing)  I’m still writing stories.  I keep writing because it is important to get our family history recorded and included as part of Canadian History .  I think my family and realitives were, and are, amazing.  I love the courage and strengh they possessed.  These qualities in themshone through all the darkness and adversity they had to face.

2 Anne Chappel

thank you for this site and the translations. Wish there were more Swahili poets & poetry here. I have enjoyed reading them in English since my Swahili is so poor!


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