Every woman knows her own tree

When I looked for you
I spread my wings over the city
built of black, abandoned stones,
found a tree and perched on its boughs
and shrieked with pain.

Every woman knows her own tree.
That night, I crossed a city
so black that darkness
feared to enter it.

My soul was lonely
without its shadow.

I howled.

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Though I am no one to type a word in grace and glory of this art work, but the lines are so inspiring and touching that I could not refrain myself from………….something that has sprung up is here …

Every man knows his own nest.

I followed the direction,
But instead cried myself,
Once who was always around?
What made you go n ,
Where had you been?
The tree you perched,
Still have the ruins of the nest,
The joy the comfort is all gone
The wind you created by your wings
Was so noisy and strong,
Now, you are back again,
I am here to fill your soul,
With light so divine and pure,
Will live till eternal without casting
Any shadows further,
It will heel.

Senior, if there is any poem in Hindi language I can translate it in English, if given a chance.

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