Poems written in Indonesian

  1. A Woman's Portrait 1938

    Lukisan Wanita 1938

    by Toeti Heraty

  2. Geneva in July

    Geneva Bulan Juli

    by Toeti Heraty

  3. Jogging in Jakarta

    Jogging Di Jakata

    by Toeti Heraty

  4. Letter from Oslo

    Surat Dari Oslo

    by Toeti Heraty

  5. Post Scriptum

    Post Scriptum

    by Toeti Heraty

  6. The Lost Child

    Si Anak Hilang

    by Sitor Situmorang

  7. The Moon Is High

    The Moon Is High

    by Toeti Heraty

  8. Two Women

    Dua Wanita

    by Toeti Heraty


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You can read three versions of each poem: the original, a literal translation and a final translation. We hope the latter works as an effective new poem in English, while staying close to the original poet’s intention.

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