Haft Seen

If it weren't for the clouds,
I could
pick the stars
one by one
from this brief sky,
hang them
in your ever ruffled hair
and hear
you saying:
‘I'm like a silk rug -
the older it gets,
the lovelier it grows,
even if
two or three naughty kids
did pee on it.'
Have I arrived yet?
Then let me spread
the Haft Seen tablecloth
in the middle of Dam Platz.
Even if it rains,
The Unknown Soldier
and a flock of pigeons
will be my guests. 




Translation notes

Haft Seen: traditional display of seven symbolic items beginning with the letter ‘s', prepared for the New Year festival of Now Ruz.

Dam Platz: historical square in Amsterdam flanked by the Royal Palace and the National Memorial to the Dutch war dead.

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