I Am Not the Man

I am not the man you search for.
I passed through the sea and in between stones.
An ill wind was blowing.
Soon the almond tree will flower, very soon.
Mountains will dance.* Kindly wait a while.
I am not the man. A bell will ring,
the heavy curtain will rise, sleep
will flutter lighter than eyelids. I am not the man.
You will sift through these ashes in vain.
I am not the man you search for.

Translation notes

* A biblical reference: Psalm 114, 3: ‘The mountains skipped like rams, the hills like lambs.' The literal translation from Hebrew would be: ‘The mountains danced like rams...'. This psalm is part of the Passover story (Hagada). The context is exodus and the miraculous breaking up of the red sea to let the Jewish people through. I read this image as a reference to liberation.

Oded Manor

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1 Roger Dale Hadden

Truly a work of poetic art. Nothing I see as being without great grammar and this poem inspires me.

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