I Reveal Myself

Descendant of raiders who landed on the beaches,
heir to the woman who unmanned Samson,
I am the daughter of waves and of memory,
a fresh shoot from ancient stock.

When I open my arms, the universe sets forth.
When I smile, honey wells from my virgin lips.
I take a step and the earth loses its balance.
In my laugh, earthquakes resound,
and volcanoes spurt from seven tectonic plates.

The child of frivolity and modesty,
I am the daughter of depravity and purity,
the progeny of black and white.

The tip of my finger taps the stars off track.
If I close my eyes,
darkness eclipses the world, until my eyelids lift
bathing it in gold.
And when I toss back my hair
the universe shivers in recognition.

I am today and I am tomorrow.
Crowned queen on the throne of space.
A blink, and fields foam green with wheat.
I am wheat itself. I am green.
The first harvest.
The last.

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I would love to see this in arabic, I know this might be asking much but can you email me that?
The Arabic is available here.


I love the languid precision and the invigorating empowerment. 

Norbert Hirschhorn

I agree, it came out beautifully. It is usually said that a camel is a horse built by a committee!  But we must remember how noble, useful, sturdy and faithful camels are.
I wonder what Faten will say of this version.

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