Like a Desert Flower

Like a desert flower waiting for rain,
like a river-bank thirsting for the touch of pitchers,
like the dawn
longing for light;
and like a house,
like a house in ruins for want of a woman -
the exhausted ones of our times
need a moment to breathe,
need a moment to sleep,
in the arms of peace, in the arms of peace.

Translation notes

'Lalmi' is dry farming on desert areas where there is no proper irrigation system.
'Goodar' is a place on the bank of a stream or river at which water is drawn. Girls usually go there in the late afternoon to take fresh clean water in earthen ware jars.
'Mangai' is a large earthenware water pot.


1 Hilla

I love this poem. Thank you so much for translating. Hope to see more translated Pashto poems in the future.
Love your work

2 Abdul Qahar

Wonderful dear brother,

You made this shiny, YOU are doing a great job 

keep your nice transulation just to help your country and your people..

We Afghan love such people who are helping us with different ways..Thanks

3 obaid

very nice site….and perfect translation brother….keep it up….because we need you to do this for our afghanistan society…and for the culture and everythings../


4 Noor Mohammad

dear Reaer Hope you every thing in your life going with lif peom

My name Is Noor Mohammad I am 22 years old from Kunduz i am graduate from sheer khan high school from kunduz when i sign in in this site i saw there is really a life a really beutifull life and really beutifull life that in this situation in afghanistan like a sugary a sweetish way for for ........ for this lovely afghan people that every one can really can find every thing in every thing peotry and it was my first time that i got a real way for peotry


Noor Mohammad

5 Sailani Sabah

I found truth reallity, I found honesty and everything here in this site the poets are very interesting,

6 Joshua

Thank-you for opening the eyes of those of us who don’t know pashto and dari, so that we can be amazed, refreshed and transported into the worlds of these talented poets and cherished human beings.

7 aryen

good translation…. we need its pushto version yar.. agha owayo che sahi pe orasoo kana….

8 rana

so nice and wonderfull translation , Dawood Azami is really best translator and he is perfect afghan pashtun writter and jurnalist .

9 ahmad

may i say that you guys are doing an excelent job, so keep it up

10 baryalai helmand

Very nice poem and perfect TRANSLATION , i have been reading parween malaal poetry since my childhood , she has perfectly presented the a pictue of women life of afghanistan in general and life of pashtoon women in particular .

The efforts of Dawood Azami , who is a famous pashtoon jurnalist and a good friend of mine is also praise worthy .

and i heartly appreciate the greate work of poetry translation center . God bless you 

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