Purple Red

I kept falling, as if people I couldn’t see

were tripping me up

My legs hurt a lot

always bruised always purple

And I kept cutting my left hand too

The gash burned under the water

always blood always red


Worst case I would always be mistaken

Too much esteem hung like borrowed

clothes on those I trusted

When they said ‘But she’s quite different’

I learned in time, all differences are alike


My soul was bruised by pride

and my face flushed with shame

When I was a kid I’d build a tent out of a blanket

to take refuge in, you know

Now I am naked in the middle of a crowd

A naked mirror they will gaze into

and hate their own reflection


And that’s why the only thing still left

is the spectacular twin rainbows of my fate

always purple always red


What can I do, I have no choice but to say it

So often I’ve been deceived, stabbed too many times

always deep purple always blood red

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Maison Lee Corners

It reminds me of the episode from A Song of Ice and Fire, when Bren was falling in his sleep. I shared my review on that episode and my poems on these-guys-can.com - hope to be lucky enough to win the championship.

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