The Colour of Water

Rain falling, day after day,
as if trying to clean off
our permanent stains,
but all it does is discolour
this well-worn shirt,
and wash the memory
of all the passing seasons
from the walls.

This is not summer
nor autumn nor winter:
sometimes I recognize myself,
then forget.

Maybe after so much rain
all colour will be washed out
and my shirt then be the colour of water.





1 pankaj kumar

how to post own poem at this site ?

2 Peter

This is a very evocative poem, and inspires me to music. I hope you will like the result!

3 manisha

it is a really nice poem

4 Jennifer

Perceptive piece!

5 stikeve

great poem. it helped me  in hindi project

6 stikeve

realy helped me with project on hindi

7 Nicky

Mmmm very nice, I like this poem! thank you Mohan 


8 Dilip

Very nice poem Mohan  short yet meaningful…

शायद कोई रंग ही ना बचे किसी सदी में इतनी बारिश के बाद 
यह कमीज तब पानी के रंग की होगी !

Its nice to understand with you..

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