View from Afar

I'm left again with no one standing behind me,
ground pulled from under my feet.
Even the sun's shoulders are beyond my reach.
My navel chord was tied
to the apron strings of custom,
my hair first cut over a basin of edicts.
In my ear, a prayer was whispered:
‘May the earth behind and beneath you
be forever empty'.
However, just a little higher,
there'll always be a land
purer than any land Satan could wish on me.
With the sun's hand on my shoulder,
I tear my feet away, a thousand and one times,
from the things I leave behind me.

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Dear AA,  How funny that BB just put up a post about a photograph at the same time I was pubilshing our post! What a funny coincidence! I love photography and always carry a camera with me.  I saw a movie once about Snowy Mountain that was set in Australia. Is that the same Snowy Mountain you speak of? I love photos of mountains and the ocean   two of my favorite places.  Have you ever been to Snowy Mountain?From,Mrs. Hembree

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