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Events from 2009

Indian Poet Mohan Rana Visits the PTC

We were delighted that the leading Indian poet, Mohan Rana, joined us for a workshop on translating his poems from Hindi, led by his translator, Lucy Rosenstein, on 3rd June. We also translated another of his poems in our workshop on 17th June.

Kings Place

Workshop on Siraiki Poetry

This week we’ll be looking at poetry written in Siraiki and Urdu by the well-known poet Shakir Shujaabadi from Pakistan.

Poetry in Arabic from Gaza

English PEN has invited the PTC to translate the poetry of writers from Gaza for an event we’ll be co-hosting with them in May. In this workshop we’ll be translating the work of Faten Al-Gharra. Please note: we’ll be meeting at Kings Place, a new venue for our workshops.

Workshop on Hindi Poetry: Amrita Bharati 2

We’ll be returning to the remarkable poetry of Amrita Bharati for our first workshop of 2009. Please note that this workshop will be held at a new venue: The Drill Hall.