Birds by Kajal Ahmad

Kajal Ahmad from Kurdistan writes poems with a fable-like quality of the poems. ‘Birds’ is read first in English translation by Mimi Khalvati and then in Kurdish by Kajal Ahmad.

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When Morning Breaks by Corsino Fortes

Corsino Fortes’s began writing in the dying days of colonial rule, and he uses his work to reclaim, almost to recreate, his newly reborn country. Translated by Sean O’Brien and Daniel Hahn.

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Poem by Gottfried Benn by David Huerta

Huerta’s poems frequently turn on images that are experiences in themselves. In this eerie piece, he describes a poem by Gottfried Benn. Translated by Tom Boll and Katherine Pierpoint.

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Never Forget! by Saado Cabdi Amarre

Saado Cabdi Amarre is a poet whose emotional verse laments the senselessness of the successive civil wars that have affected Somaliland in the aftermath of its secession.

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Pregnancy by Kajal Ahmad

As Louise Glück says, women poets must have the courage not always to affirm life! This week’s poem is by Kajal Ahmad from Kurdistan. The poem is read in English and Kurdish.

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To Love by Reza Mohammadi

“Rather than trying to tame or domesticate Reza’s poems into western ideas of neatness, I should just try to present them in a language that allowed their strength to come through.”

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The Lonely Earth by Kajal Ahmad

Listen ‘The Lonely Earth’ by Kajal Ahmad, translated by Mimi Khalvati and Choman Hardi and read about the translators’ attempts to tame Kajal’s wild, weird and illogical metaphors.

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Another Word for It by Mohan Rana

‘Another Word for It’ by Mohan Rana, translated by Bernard O’Donoghue & Lucy Rosenstein. The poem is read first in English translation by Bernard O’Donoghue and then in Hindi.

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