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Sway by Yu Yoyo

Listen to ‘Sway’ by the Chinese poet Yu Yoyo, translated by the UK poet A K Blakemore and the editor & translator Dave Haysom. The poem was recorded during Yu yoyo’s UK tour.

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Stay by Yu Yoyo

‘Stay’ by Chinese poet Yu Yoyo is from her Worlds Poet Series collection ‘My Tenantless Body’ published by the PTC with translations by AK Blakemore and Dave Haysom.

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Sleepwalking by Yu Yoyo

This is a set of 11 connected poems. You will hear the Chinese poet Yu Yoyo reading her original text interwoven with her poet-translator, AK Blakemore, reading her English translation.

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Dad by Yu Yoyo

Listen to the poem that gave Yu Yoyo’s collection ‘My tenantless body’ its title: ‘dad’, translated by DaveHaysom & AK Blakemore, read in Chinese by the poet herself.

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