For Sepideh[1]

Quietly, quietly [softly, softly?] you come
on your tiptoes
just when the dream
hears the sound of your footsteps.
Your eyes are intoxicated by me[2]
when, catlike,
you crawl under my sheet.
Asleep and awake -
you kiss the silk of my dreams.
In the moment it takes to put your arms
around my neck,
you fall asleep on my pillow.
Between sleep and waking
as soon as I am empty of dreams
I become full of you.

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Edrees Najm

I am senior student of English department from Herat University.
and we are supposed to have project about one of poets and introduce him or her to our friends.
therefore; I want to introduce and cite you poem


hi dear friend hope ur fine and i have read all of ur peom and i like it and dear if u can send me some more poem in dari i will be very thankfully from u by take care wish u best waiting for ur reply


Beautiful and wonderful smile 

Mary Robinson

A beautiful tender poem.  I heard Shakila read this and other poems at Grasmere with Mimi Khalvati reading the English translations.  Absolutely brilliant.  A great privilege ot hear Shakila and Mimi.

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