Aguifreda Bay

At the bottom of the cliff they pile up -
solid and lumpen,
the rocks that have been falling,
slipping down without reaching the sea,
the sea that bellows and smokes, breaking below.
In thousands of years,
you tell me from our vantage point above,
all this will be sand.
As we looked at the inlet
suddenly our perspective widened
and everything reversed -
we became infinitely tiny,
as though we were dwelling inside those gigantic boulders.
At the foot of the cliff we considered
the granular movements of sand,
the flotsam and jetsam,
and we took shelter in any one of those pebbles.
Shrinking, we felt the rough grain of the rocks,
a wall from which the sandstone is loosened,
the outline of ourselves.
Fractures and faultlines of the accretions of minerals -
this is what we are.
The detritus of shadows, the seams of grey,
begin to glimpse themselves in the sky.
Drawing breath once more brought back the pines,
the coastline, a path.

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The poem is average. it moves way too qulikcy for me, and is slightly awkward in some places, maybe try being more concise, exploring different words. I liked the first 8 lines, the last 4 are really weak.

Josue Montes Cone

Amazing!!! Faboulus!! I love it!!
Es la escencia innata del mar
que entre sus espumosas olas
se lleva y mece los recuerdos
se lleva y mece la esperanza
parece acercarce y con caricias recias
llevarse mis sufrimientos
pero solo se lleva la esperanza
que estando lejos, se pierde
y oscurece con el alba.
Paso a paso en el arrisco,
me adentro a no pensarte mas
el polvo de las piedras
se sumerge en el abismo,
tengo tendidas de mis manos
tus gaviotas, que con sus garras afiladas
se aferran a mis brazos,
asediando mis memorias
de cuales ellas se alimentan
como siempre tan gustosas.
las muerden, las despedazan
sus boronas quedan bautizadas
entre el velo largo de las olas
donde se lleva y mece los recuerdos
se lleva y mece la esperanza.

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