Autism Beginning to speak

How the frost killed
One by one the songs
Seated on the wire.
I covered my ears with my hands
I listen- where the word is born,
Who I am.
I walk with the eyes- open cages-
In order to cease inside me
The colourful parrot- the country.
Three steps in front of me and tree behind
And then again
And then from the beginning
I wanted to lay the railway around
The world.
And I go around, I go around
I go around
I raise. I get lighter, disburdened( relieved), I fall…
The downy and humid(damp) touch of the clouds
Mother hang new curtains.
A slight sour taste is in the mouth of
The boy , who has a standard lamp standing( I am a lamp for him) in me next to his bed
And who moves away like a steered gun
An oppressing touch of warm hands
the sharp glance of dear eyes’
bright projectors…
and in the sky the words caw ( screech)
as the crows frightened by the sound of the gun
be silent, enough!
I anchored one-
And on my head
And in my head
The whole heaven(sky) falls!
I begin-
I wrote the crows’ choirs
On the musical lines, the telephone wires-
Simple words screech (caw) in my mouth-
Which I coordinate and subordinate
Make them complex.

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