I feel burning inside 
No water can I drink
No food can I eat
My lips are tightly shut

Like enfeebled inpatient
Unable to go further than
The mattress and the pillow
Who is only allowed a visit

I have spent a long time 
Looking for the right decision
I turned every written page
In search of my fate

While others soundly sleep
In the midst of the night
I engage in futile discourse
Disputing with the tidings of the time

I find greetings tasteless
Socialisation I enjoy no more
So scary do I feel
And often prefer loneliness
Roaming aimlessly in the plains

He took possession of my heart
His love so overpowering
I am under such irresistible spell
I shy away from social gatherings
And keep to my own all the time

My direction and my discretion
My senses of hearing and seeing
Have been rendered blunt
Calling for you in the wilderness

I walk the harsh stony land
And bear the burning heat of sand
And loaf about 
Under the scorching sun
Mindless of my destination

Many are the times I got lost
And fell into pit holes
Risking my life in your pursuit
Getting into even insecure caves
 Humans I have shunned their company
And chosen the beasts in the bush 
Including the oryx and the kudus
The wild and the fearful
In the animal world
I find solace in their company

The hardships that I suffer
The misery seen over me
The withering of my frame
Would have long vanished 
With the pleasure of your sight 

Inward I feel the thirst
The heart fails to function as before
The lips are rendered speechless
And the eyes keep blinking

The pride of all men
The fearless hero
The dear of my choice
Unbreakable as steel
The desire of my soul
The preferred one of all men

How comforting it would be 
To hark the good news
 So soothing to welcome
So relieving the anxiety
To gain sight of you 
Is a bliss beyond compare

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