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Love & peace Somalia

wow it’s a touching poem. it’s talking about exactly what’s happening in our home country. May Allah help us ameen…


really i am very delighted with this poem and also every poem which recited somali poetry man .i approtiate once agian to every somali poet.

Fahad Abdi

Nice poem, it’s heart-touching, dear somalia, it’s as the poet describe I wish it’ll be how it was

Fatimah Noah ali fidhin

This poeem is describing a lot at ones,Its has lots of meaning too .Seems its talking about all awfulness thats happening in the world.My beloved land “The Land of The Poets” Somalia get well soon.

Raxma Shaafi Ahmed-Nuur

What a lovely poem. Each line has 4 meanings woven in. It’s just to bad its one of the fastest dying languages in the world. Beautiful poem, just beautiful.

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