The Eyes That Have Had Enough Beauty

The name of the spring is Ballaadhane
The place is the ponds of Hawd
It is the west of Burco
One or two journey from Bancawl
From there you go to the east
And bestow privilege upon the west.
The name of the girl is Barni
The length of time she existed;
It is full ten years and plus
Another seven years added
Together with months,
She is loved and has beauty shanks
Appealing in a graceful way.

The settlement passed the night in peace;
At the start before anything else
The sheep emerged from state of sleep
Shouted to the young sheep to attract attention,
Barni was hearing it
She woke up in the dawn
Praying in the name of Allah
Being the first person to see the dawn.
Put on her calico
Fitting closely to the body
Not hang down the boqor
Deeply busy with work
And now as its midday
Barni is located in
The community at the valley,
Where the frogs make calls
Loud and persistent clamor,
And the birds sing cheerfully,
Water everywhere sourced from the rain
Late in the morning the sheep and goats
Lay on the green expanse
Suffering from being too full,
The cattle is mooing,
Horses spreading out their withers
And the mane and the tales
Throwing bristles and untidy hair,
And the youth camel herders
Running and vigorously active and strong
Having powerful thighs and muscles
Jumping like a lion along the ground in one leap,
Good pasture soft and fresh vegetation,
Young camel foals sleep on an even spot
All using one another as a pillow
The mane of the humps
Move gradually with the breeze
When they cry out
The she-camels who has recently given birth standing near by
And present at their sides
Showing their outstretched necks
Making a low continuous sound,
Stud camels also guarding them
And watch in the distance
The he-camel transport that never was
All gained weight
Are strong and very large
Go to dust and sand their bodies,
By chewing things smash to pieces;
Watching all these beautiful scenes
Barni had enough beauty that day.

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Great to see so much Somali poetry on your website!

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