Flower and Butterfly…

*** Flower and Butterfly
Classical, symbolic, graceful stencil 
for a poem that knows it’s a poem
as short
as it is beautiful, 
fleeting lines,
enclosing aeons.
I will return to them
again and again.
I shall reveal my story
but perhaps not exactly today.
…A phantom
awoke in my mind.
… Who waits for no-one,
asks nothing
Of anyone,
especially them
(Flower and Butterfly).
Setting off from a semi-secret spot
and vanishing somewhere unknown,
a thread of dullness and duty pegged
with old photos,
too old, 
of gorgeous surprise and timid smiles,
cracked at their corners.
When I and the master restorer
glued and mended the photo,
a teardrop fell…
Even the most brutal words
wouldn’t punch so hard!...
A photo of a belated spring,
a photo of my beloved picking flowers.
… Adhan is heard from the mosque-side,
Bells are heard from the church-side
But I… remain without voice!...