In Detention

Having hunger and rags on my body
          I have been served like beast/brute/animal/idiot
Beaten and insulted
          silent as if passed by by a devil.
A possibility to rest is not there
          [a possibility] to sleep is not there
          [a possibility] to think is not there.
So because/since this is done.
Which mistake that has been made
Has brought me this punishment that does not finish?

You kite who fly up in the sky
          you know that which is in my heart.
Tell me:  there where rice plants sway [in the wind]
          reflecting the rays of sun
Would my mother still be standing and waiting for me?
Does the gaze appear on her face
directed here in detention?

Beloved mother, I will return home
I will return even if in death
Even if my corpse is cut
          into thousand, tens of thousands pieces
          I will return home
Penetrating through this wall
I will pass through another [wall] like devil.
I will return beloved mother ….
                                           even if in death.

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it’s an awesome work done, thanks


why you donot show original poet befor being translated
We do: why don’t you look for original poem before writing to complain!

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