In the land of Ashkenaz

In the land of Ashkenaz the almond tree blossoms
In the land of Ashkenaz they are expecting a guest
Not to stay
Washing hands with soap and even then
Touching at a distance
Not shaking hands
In the land of Ashkenaz I am spicy food
I am a cosy home
In the land of Ashkenaz I am a mofleta
I am Haflah
I am honour
I am lazy
I am everything that was not here before
When everything was white
I am the destruction
I am the slaughter
I am the armed fucking robbery
The crook with the kipah
In the court of law
I am the graves of holy men
And talismans
I am a pimp
I am clapping hands
And cheap music
Low culture
Low grade
I am a stubborn root
And a pain in the arse
I am a liar
Because racism is a relic of the past
And long dead
I am: ‘they sucked me dry’
I am just a crybaby
I am a bone
Grafted to you here


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