Peshawar and Kabul are two friends
Like two eyes on the face of the one beloved.

By killing me, they give me life and youth/make me alive and young
Whether/be they are the beloveds of this city (Peshawar) or that city (Kabul).

The Pashtoons are (like) meaningful words
They are like scent; travelling/moving/mobile while fixed/static.

The slogans/claims of world’s prosperity/progress are (mere) lies/false
As long as/until the homes of the Pashtoons are ruined/lie in ruins. 

Piercing/penetrating/sharp, black, (and) predatory eyes
How many killers have surrounded me/ are all around me?

Make the streets ornamented with chadors embroidered with silver threads
The stars in the sky are waiting for (such) a spectacle.

Their eyelashes are wet with tears like glittering/sparkling stars
The fairies (maidens/pretty girls) of the Pashtoon land have wept (due to hardships of war).

Grief/mourn and cries/tears are scattered/spread over the yard/realm of separation
Tomorrow shall again witness/see the games/recreation on the plains/fields of hearts.

The messages of beauty spots and the dreams/hopes/wishes/longings
The images/paintings/pictures of raining flowers.

The buds of narcissi have not blossomed yet
(But) The butterflies have flown over/touched their chests.

The wounded/aching heart of the tragic/sad song is worth seeing (the song is imprisoned)
The beloveds/sweethearts are dreaming of hearing it/longing to hear it.

Love is not but a fire on every step/stage
Some are flames of waiting (and/while) some of separation.

(He) survives on the hope of finding the shade of your tresses/hair/locks
The (high) noons of Sa’il’s life are out (spent) on the desert/plains. 

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