The May Honey

How easy it is to love you
In other words to clench my mouth
So that in my stomach
The working bees
Would not leave a tender and fragile sting,
To love you means to defend( protect) you
From my kiss.

How easy it is to love you
With the pores of my skin- in the cells of the honeycomb
To hatch the warm chrysalis:
Getting used to-
To wing ( to give wings to all of them) them all
To give you the right to be with somebody else.

How easy it is to love you,
To  suppress ( to block) the mouth
To the sexless bees every morning
To the virgins of the inspiration
To dumb (to fill it up) with dust and dew
The door of my beehive
To love you means for you to be far
  Protected from me.
And it is as easy as  burying the gold in  the earth,
But honey has ripened without any reason.
You still exist ( you are still)

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