Message from a Martyr

Fire your bullets -- our hearts are already ablaze
       In this land, grief wells up from my distress
Fire your bullets -- you villain -- for I
       Won't play at murder or run away
My blood fertilises and refreshes this land
       And plants a promising generation that is fully conscious
Limbs grow from seeds of shrapnel
       Hands are formed and crowns spring
That bet this land will always be their home --
       In every corner they stand their ground
Wherever I am, this land is my passion
       Nostalgia is fused with this timeless love
I don't care if there are explosions
       I don't mind the annihilating thunder

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one of the most moving poems i’ve read in a long time. thanx!


This poem reflects the situation in Palestine right now


The same poem could easily have been written by an Israeli. Suffering by two peoples. Time for compassion - time to stop taking sides


Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clatriy, and undeniable importance!

sheikh Mohiuddin

this is real calling of an Kashmir Martyr

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