My Child (Daughter) Mother

If we sometimes adopt our mothers,
If we sometimes make(imagine) our mothers as babies,
Sit them on our laps,
Lean their grey heads against our breasts ( chests)
Rock them, sing the lullaby ,
Lulla, lulla by to my mummy,
To her who gave me the birth, to her I gave a birth to,
Your sorrow to me, mummy, your tear to me,
Your fire to me, your dejection to me,
Let it burn me, let it make me parish ( exhaust me),
Let it turn me into ashes, let it mix me with the earth,
Sleep, my daughter mother,
Sleep mother sun, mother earth
Your death to me, mummy
My blood to you,
My life to you,
Let the sun set, let my heart rise,
Your hands, mummy
To the breast pocket, to the breast pocket,
Knock them to my breasts,
Lulla lulla by , my mother’s hands,
Lay in my heart, my mother’s hands,
Let the vain ( blood vessel) sing on my neck
Lullaby, lullaby to mummy,
Lullaby to my mummy’s breath,
You aged ( got old) in my lap, mummy,
You as a baby grew out of my lap,
Let the sun mother rise, let me rise
Let me wrap my baby mother in the black wool,
Let me go, throw the hands into black water,
Let me let the blood, let bile and pus follow it,
Let the water take away the old age,
Let the water take away death,
Let me say , I have adopted my mother,
I gave a birth to my mother.

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