On Time

When I cracked my ceramic shell
I suddenly got out like a Chinese mosaic
I was ancient/past/old and timeless
precious and carefree
The sky is best observed
when you lay on the ground/earth/soil (toprak) you know (ya),
On the wings of a cloud
when I giggled my back was grass humid
I stayed with hope inside me, herbs in my hair.

How many years a girl again
and always laid down on the grass
In her hand unnecessarily poetry books
would look at her/their miracle on the sky.

Don't forget that unobjectionable moment
when you sucked on the roots of herbs
It was a nice big joke in you
You made a wish
ancient/past/old and timeless
precious and carefree

I passed out and slept
on a possibility years ahead
I woke up from my dream under the tree
To say, this is how we are complete, we are on time
Whomever you are this is for you

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