Returning to Visit My Love

I return to visit my love, quietly
I want the coldness of my heart to be taken away
I yearn for tenderness
to embrace the cold where warmth once stirred
            Time to step out of the rain
that rains in our hearts and weighs us down
Oh my love I will travel all night
            No one has held me for a long time
anxiety ever present
The truth:    dreaming is lonely
the further away     the closer to this one time
            No one has held me for so long
Days stitch and nights weave longing
Time watches over our loneliness
and regrets what's half lost
           We must and wait, dreaming
of the vision that inspires us
           The journey is the charm that brings us together
After this love will be eternal
           It's so long since anyone held me
Duty sent us down different paths
Missing you must end
Already my heart is full to the brim
           full of weary days spent apart
exposed to desire heavy with longing
I remember your warm embrace
           Each night in my dreams
once loneliness reached out and sundered closeness
yearning for time to pass
when sorrow would fade and cold would thaw
I leave my love so quietly
My ice-cold heart unchanged
Yet again in seach of tenderness
Oh, my love, how can I turn back time?