This poem takes after the form and much admired poetic genre 'Baarcadde'. It was composed by Hadraawi in the mid-1980s when the poet was beginning to apprehend the dark shadows engulfing the Somali government (then led by the dictator, Siad Barre) which was riddled with maladministration and corruption. As Hadraawi correctly - and tragically - predicted, the government's inability to take care of its people would lead to appalling consequences.

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This poem have touch home for me. Like Mustaf I am crying because it is truth ,  ” scattered across the globe;if it was not said to our wounded and our injured, ‘You deserve it!’
would I be so at one with you?  I have seen many people within my community say , if something happen in somali their deserve it.

Mustafa Awad

Incredible! This literally made me cry - especially the final verse…I was having a conversation today with a friend that pretty much borders on Hadraawi’s words.

Jamie Dedes

This has to be one of the most powerful and honest poems I have yet to read. Thank you! I am humbled.


Hadraawi is our Shakespeare! Thanks for these awesome translaitons

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