I look in a light/frivolous way at things
That perhaps are heavy
For example I know that I am a short distance
Between two pavements
I cross it with all my speed… why?
And because I plunge on/venture out with my voice
I always stumble on/trip over the air
And the first drop that trickles from my forehead
Instead of drying out
Drowns me
I look in a light way at things
I know to be heavy
That is a moment of truth
As for me, I am pure imagination
A buzzing light
Crashing around in a thicket/bush
And whoever finds my words
Will find a large stone
You can easily
Throw it in my face.

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ruchi rana

quite liked the the simplicity of poem n yet the highlight of the poem is 8th line in which one can exactly notice the irony n contrast been made when u mentioned dat i small drop drowns u. simple words hiding very contemplative meanings within them ... nyc poem short n artistic


hmmmmmmm, nice poem

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