the entire street has taken hallucinogenics
the grilled fish place at the end of the street is still open
dive into the fish belly in order to
stack up the seasonings for the thought of death
body lithe like a fish
flipping from side A to side B
every chopstick stripping skin and flesh
for the soul leaving the body
it’s [better/okay/over] now
sway, completely naked
let the drunkards blow of puff of air
from the chest towards their sinking companions
put [head/skull/brain] in wheel crushed over and over
use an empty bottle to store the surviving loneliness
the people who want to die have not died
they continue to sway along their alcoholic way
picking out the bones as they go
at the end of the street they use a soft moon
to bring back to life the [person/people] who killed you

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