the hammer [1]

whenever the pope dies
he gets
a little blow with a hammer
on his forehead i never
not a pope or a prince or a king
whenever the procession
has to go on
the overseer hits
the hammer
three times
on the stand
and the followers follow
is a heroic decasyllable
with tonics on the positions
three six and ten when
the athlete finishes the
rotation three spins
over his own axis
he can release
the hammer
weighing seven kilos
two hundred and seventy grams
marx never said anything about any
has anyone ever seen
any school of thought having
a symbol what would the symbol
of the frankfurt school be had
adorno picked one?
when thor strikes his
it signals rain and thunder
but it’s the flower of the mandacaru
that announces rain in
the sertão for the hammerhead shark the
works as a wing
stabilising his
movements and also
the mating ritual
of hammerhead sharks
is incredibly violent
in communist
albania they replaced the
with a rifle the
is an optimal object
for good sleeping
or hitting nails on the head.