Migration by Sea

Migration by Sea

The reciting of my gabay poem with the Da' alliteration is the content of an
       argument talk;
What I mean is to speak to you and to develop a subject of public interest
Hey, you, folks! I just want to try hard
I want to eliminate and make ineffective the injustice that's happening
These migrants at sea have crippled our people and I want to ward it off.

I couldn't bear to see what's happening to these people because I feel pain
There's a sudden jerking of my body whenever I see them suffering
Tears keep running down my face and I chew my lips.

Africa always faces problems and associates itself with difficulties
And Somalis are the worst of all the other people of the continent and are at
       the bottom of the list
Their hearts are full of animosity and have accumulated rust and become as
       hard as a tarmac
They have lost inspiration of love for their country and destroyed themselves
The conscience of understanding the feelings of sorrow for their compatriot's
       misfortune is missing
It's trap acting contrary to their interests laid by other people
This course of action is determined beforehand and we are destined to become
       like the Palestine
There are individuals who don't give a damn and show no interest the killings
       of the civilians
It's the broker and the middleman who is keeping this deadly game to 

If people emigrate from their home country of residence and flee by boat
Their feelings were hurt because of the sense of unjust treatment and couldn't
       bear to stay in the country of their origin any longer
If robbery and murder practiced by thugs and there's disaster and distress and
If this caused blowing sandstorm plagued by ill health and widespread
       occurrence of infectious diseases
And if children and people of advanced age fled outside the country.

Then my kinsmen! I want to ask you a sensational question, who's going to
       stay and live in this country?
It's very interesting matter, an issue to be carefully studied
Look a large number of women and young people are dying in the sea
The younger generation are fleeing by boat and disappearing while crossing
       the sea
Also many others are without the basic necessities of life and are located
       outside their country
Our future generation's drowned dead bodies are floating in the sea and lie on
       the coast.
They were eaten and pastured their bones by the sharks and wild sea animals
They were eaten like darib [it's a fat, the best part of camel meat] by the hyenas
       and wild land animals
Many dead bodies were washed up on the shores
They were watched by strangers seeing the outer layer of their dead bodies'
       skin peeled off
Here they are: dying in distress and even we have not been able to properly
       bury them. 

My people's hearts are filled with greed and began in wrongful get rich quickly
       attempt or die trying
We are filled with bewilderment causing confusion and backbiting
We are an illiterate state with reactionary people
We prosper with begging and panhandling for money and food
And we are in a cycle of never ending poverty trap.
In the above recited lines I've untied up the hobble (hobble rope for camels)
       and made a focus of attention
It's Allah that raises someone to a higher position and I did unclose a curtain
Long time ago the poets played that roll establishing the truth of the argument
They grinded their poems before in the Deelleey*
And I take this poem and add to the previous poems of the chain;

Let us open up in a word of prayer and let the advice meet the needs to follow
       our interest
And let us make life fit to Allah's path and we do keep everything in the right
Oh, our everlasting Allah! Make things change for the better because we are in
       imminent destruction.

Let me not prolong my Gabay but to conclude and bring it to an end;
If we start the practice of cultivating the land and the business of growing crops
The natural resource that exist and the sea and ocean that we have
These mountains that Allah has given us and ready to be milked
The fossil fuel that can be found and dripping underground
If we explore the mineral deposits and the reserves we have including gold
If we raise the domesticated animals and fill the medium-sized milk vessel with
If we educate our people and acquire knowledge and strengthen our religion,
The country would have been enough for all of us so let us return and stay it
Let us get rid of the devil and reign right to dispose Satan and his deeds
The resources we have have never been exploited before so let prepare
       ourselves to derive the benefit from.
London, 2008

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