When Winter Comes

Let winter come / winter comes
I will resemble myself [1]
The books that surround you have caught fire[2]
Jasmine in dreams[3], a deer running
It's [the deer] decided to leave/deciding to leave [Iranian expression translating literally as it's head has gone to the mountains]
I hug the mountain easily
They (it?  Referring here to the mountain) fits in (my/the) chest/embrace

See, there was nothing to be afraid of
The length (breadth?) of these stones[4]

From falling, we go/come up = as we come up, from falling
The sea becomes tamer [the waves become tamer]
A hairy/fluffly white dog
I am holding it lead

So don't strike me with words
Don't insult me [literally don't give me insults]
Don't drag your body over rocks
Till like bloody eyelids, I die / till I die like bloody eyelids

Winter, a straight alley
When you turn at the end of this street
And for years they have made this black horse unruly[5]
When you count [them = the years] on your fingers

When winter comes
We went in two (different) directions
One gets me lost
and with this one, I get found
But you shouldn't have been scared (addressing herself)

and you [should have] said
Why did you push a knife through your chest
So that the people in the mirror run away[6]

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