portrait of Chen Yuhong

Chen Yuhong

Born in Kaohsiung, Chen Yuhong graduated from the Department of English at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages in Taiwan. After many years in Vancouver, she now has settled down in Taipei. Her works include poetry collections The Bewitched, Annotations, Rivers Flowing Deep into Your Veins, and About Poetry. She also published a Chinese translation of La Citadelle des Neiges. She won the Annual Poetry Award in 2004 and Literature and Arts Medal of Chinese Association of Literature and Arts in 2007. Her poems were also selected into Chiuko's anthology Thirty Major Poets of Taiwan in the Past Three Decades in 2008.

Chen Yuhong's second collection Suoyin(Annotations) was named the best volume of poetry published in 2004 by the respected publisher Eryu Culture, making her only the third female poet to have been awarded this prize. The title Suoyin (literally 'annotations') plays on the meanings of the two individual characters: 'suo' is to search and 'yin' is to hide. The collection contains 58 love poems interspersed with Chen's original translations of Sappho's lyric fragments.

(First part adapted from Taipei Poetry Festival 2009)

Poems by Chen Yuhong